Scoped Kar98
The Scoped Kar98 is a weapon in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The Scoped Kar98 is available to the Marksman class for the Axis team. Upon reaching veterancy, it becomes available for the Allied team, too.

The Scoped Kar98 is a Mauser Kar98 mounted with a telescopic scope, allowing for greater ease in finding and engaging enemies at longer ranges. Unlike the regular Kar98, the Scoped Kar98 cannot be reloaded with stripper clips when empty. Aside from these differences, the Scoped Kar98 is virtually identical to its unscoped counterpart: bolt-action, five round clip, and very high damage per shot. Its sights can be adjusted for between 100 and 1200 metres, with 100 m being the default.

Pressing 6 (by default) switches the scope to the rifle's iron sights, granting the user somewhat better close-range capabilities. However, the sights are considerably more obtrusive due to the mounted scope still present.


  • Level 25: Zielsechs 6x Scope. This attachment greatly increases the magnification zoom of the Scoped Kar98, making distant enemies easier to engage, although the zoom may be a hindrance at closer ranges. The reticule is modified from a chevron to a crosshair, making it a superior scope for those who suffer from a glitch which occasionally makes the chevrons blurry.
  • Level 50: Bayonet. This attachment makes the Scoped Kar98's melee attack more deadly.


On lower graphic settings, glitches have been known to occur with the scope:

  1. The scope would turn completely black, rendering it unusable, or
  2. The scope would turn completely green, rendering it unusable, or
  3. The scope's crosshairs become blurry, making it more difficult to shoot precisely

These problems can be fixed by dying, or dropping the gun and picking it back up.