The Mauser C96 is a weapon in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The Mauser C96 is the second handgun unlocked for the Axis team, and available to nearly all classes upon reaching the appropriate level. Upon reaching veterancy, it becomes available to the Allied team as well.

Mauser C96
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

10 ,20 (Extended Magazines)

Starting Ammunition

10 + 50



Fire Mode

Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic (Level 50 Upgrade)

Used by


Pre-upgrades, the C96 has a ten round, stripper fed magazine. The magazine cannot be replaced mid-way--all rounds must be fired in order for a fresh magazine to be inserted. Five magazines are available upon spawning. The C96 deals weak damage per bullet and has medium-high recoil. Often, multiple shots are required to bring down a target past close range. Despite its initial shortcomings, however, the C96 is probably the best handgun in the game at higher levels thanks to its excellent upgrades: a detachable 20-round magazine at level 25 makes it as versatile as the P 38 in terms of reloading while enjoying a substantial boost in ammo capacity as well as much lower visual and actual recoil, while the full auto upgrade at level 50 greatly increases its short-ranged firepower, although it makes the weapon harder to control at range.


  • Level 25 - 20-round magazine, the ability to reload without having to empty the clip, and substantially reduced recoil
  • Level 50 - Shoulder stock & full auto


  • At level 50, the gun shown is actually a M712 Schnellfeuer. However, this is not displayed, and the gun is still referred to as a C96.
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