FANDOM is a script for Linux-based Red Orchestra servers to fix map names so that when deploying, maps display as:

Deploying to Stalingrad Kessel


Deploying to ro-stalingradkessel

The latter diminishes gameplay and lowers the amount of new players.

Instructions: Edit

  1. Place this script in /home/<USER>/<SERVERNAME>/maps
  2. Run this command in your terminal: chmod u+x
  3. Run this command in your terminal: ./

Code Edit

cp ro-arad.rom RO-Arad.rom
rm -f ro-arad.rom
cp ro-baksanvalley.rom RO-BaksanValley.rom
rm -f ro-baksanvalley.rom
cp ro-.barashkarom RO-Barashka.rom
rm -f ro-barashka.rom
cp ro-basovka.rom RO-Basovka.rom
rm -f ro-basovka.rom
cp ro-berezina.rom RO-Berezina.rom
rm -f ro-berezina.rom
cp ro-blackdayjuly.rom RO-BlackDayJuly.rom
rm -f ro-blackdayjuly.rom
cp ro-bondarevo.rom RO-Bondarevo.rom
rm -f ro-bondarevo.rom
cp ro-danzig.rom RO-Danzig.rom
rm -f ro-danzig.rom
cp ro-fallenheros.rom RO-FallenHeros.rom
rm -f ro-fallenheros.rom
cp ro-hedgehog.rom RO-HedgeHog.rom
rm -f ro-hedgehog.rom
cp ro-kaukasus.rom RO-Kaukasus.rom
rm -f ro-kaukasus.rom
cp ro-konigsplatz.rom RO-KonigsPlatz.rom
rm -f ro-konigsplatz.rom
cp ro-krasnyioktyabr.rom RO-KrasnyiOktyabr.rom
rm -f ro-krasnyioktyabr.rom
cp ro-krivoirog.rom RO-KrivoiRog.rom
rm -f ro-krivoirog.rom
cp ro-kryukovo.rom RO-Kryukovo.rom
rm -f ro-kryukovo.rom
cp ro-kurlandkessel.rom RO-KurlandKessel.rom
rm -f ro-kurlandkessel.rom
cp ro-leningrad.rom RO-Leningrad.rom
rm -f ro-leningrad.rom
cp ro-lyeskrovy.rom RO-LyesKrovy.rom
rm -f ro-lyeskrovy.rom
cp ro-mannikkala.rom RO-Mannikkala.rom
rm -f ro-mannikkala.rom
cp ro-odessa.rom RO-Odessa.rom
rm -f ro-odessa.rom
cp ro-ogledow.rom RO-Ogledow.rom
rm -f ro-ogledow.rom
cp ro-smolenskstalemate.rom RO-SmolenskStalemate.rom
rm -f ro-smolenskstalemate.rom
cp ro-stalingradkessel.rom RO-StalingradKessel.rom
rm -f ro-stalingradkessel.rom
cp ro-tcherkassy.rom RO-Tcherkassy.rom
rm -f ro-tcherkassy.rom
cp ro-tulaoutskirts.rom RO-TulaOutskirts.rom
rm -f ro-tulaoutskirts.rom
cp ro-zhitomir1941.rom RO-Zhitomir1941.rom
rm -f ro-zhitomir1941.rom
ln -s RO-Arad.rom ro-arad.rom
ln -s RO-BaksanValley.rom ro-baksanvalley.rom
ln -s RO-Barashka.rom ro-barashka.rom
ln -s RO-Bondarevo.rom ro-bondarevo.rom
ln -s RO-Danzig.rom ro-danzig.rom
ln -s RO-FallenHeros.rom ro-fallenheros.rom
ln -s RO-HedgeHog.rom ro-hedgehog.rom
ln -s RO-Kaukasus.rom ro-kaukasus.rom
ln -s RO-KonigsPlatz.rom ro-konigsplatz.rom
ln -s RO-KrasnyiOktyabr.rom ro-krasnyioktyabr.rom
ln -s RO-KrivoiRog.rom ro-krivoirog.rom
ln -s RO-Kryukovo.rom ro-kryukovo.rom
ln -s RO-KurlandKessel.rom ro-kurlandkessel.rom
ln -s RO-Leningrad.rom ro-leningrad.rom
ln -s RO-LyesKrovy.rom ro-lyeskrovy.rom
ln -s RO-Mannikkala.rom ro-mannikkala.rom
ln -s RO-Odessa.rom ro-odessa.rom
ln -s RO-Ogledow.rom ro-ogledow.rom
ln -s RO-Rakowice.rom ro-rakowice.rom
ln -s RO-SmolenskStalemate.rom ro-smolenskstalemate.rom
ln -s RO-StalingradKessel.rom ro-stalingradkessel.rom
ln -s RO-Tcherkassy.rom ro-tcherkassy.rom
ln -s RO-TulaOutskirts.rom ro-tulaoutskirts.rom
ln -s RO-Zhitomir1941.rom ro-zhitomir1941.rom

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