MG 34
The MG 34 LMG is a weapon in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.

General InformationEdit

The MG 34 LMG is available to the Axis Machine Gunner class. Upon reaching veterancy for that class, it is available to the Allied team as well.

The MG 34 LMG is a belt fed light machine gun that can lay down impressive amounts of fire. With fifty rounds per belt (and 5 belts in reserve), it can cover an area for long periods of time. It can only be aimed down sights when it is mounted on cover or fired in the prone position; however, once set up, it has very low recoil. Damage per bullet is exceptionally good and the high velocity of the bullets and near non-existent bullet drop makes it a versatile weapon to use even at very long ranges; the sights are dialed at 200m by default, and can be set for up to 2000m. Hip fire is possible, but it is highly inaccurate. The MG 34 LMG cannot be used to melee opponents, and it is impossible to check how much ammo is left on the unupgraded version.

The MG 34 LMG has the ability to fire in single shot mode (default middle mouse button), useful for ensuring accuracy at longer ranges. When it is fired for sustained periods of time, the barrel may overheat (indicated from smoke emitting from the weapon). The barrel can be replaced should this happen (default 6), but such a process takes time. If the barrel is not replaced, it may burst and render the MG 34 unusable. Not firing the weapon for an extended period of time can cool down the barrel again.

Compared to the DP-28 LMG, the MG 34 LMG can lay down a superior amount of fire, particularly when upgraded. However, the DP-28 LMG can check ammo. Contrary to popular belief continous fire from a DP-28 will overheat and eventually warp the barrel, though the gun will have to be fired through more magazines than a player normally carry.


  • Level 25: Double drum magazine containing 75 rounds. Although this upgrade increases ammunition capacity by 50%, it also lengthens the time required to change barrels. This upgrade allows users to check remaining ammunition, unlike the default.
  • Level 50: Belt-ammunition with 250 rounds. This upgrade restores barrel changing time to the pre-upgraded speed. Users come with only two belts of extra ammunition, but can be resupplied for up to four belts. Ammunition can be checked quickly and easily, but it is hardly ever necessary.