The M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) is a Light Machine Gun featured in Red Orchestra 2's expansion Rising Storm. The BAR itself is an LMG but has the mobility of a rifle. It is available by default to the Automatic Rifleman class.

M1918A2 Browning Automatic Rifle
Weapon Class

Light Machine Gun

Magazine Size


Rate of Fire

Approximately 600-650 OR 450


High (no attachments), Medium (with foregrip upgrade), low (With bipod mounted)

Fire Mode

Fully automatic with fast and slow fire rate settings.

Used by

US Marines

The BAR is a fully automatic rifle limited only to the Automatic Rifleman of the U.S Marines as the primary weapon of the class. Compared to virtually all other automatic weapons (AVT-40 being the single exception) in the Red Orchestra/Rising storm series, the BAR is the only weapon which can be shoulderfired, while at the same time sending full-sized rifle bullets down range. In the hands of a skilled player, the BAR can provide absolutely devastating amounts of firepower at any range, as it is effectively a fully automatic M1 Garand with a 150% increased magazine size.

However, the BAR is not without flaws however. The BAR is the third heaviest firearm in the U.S Marines arsenal (Ammo excluded), only surpassed by the M1919 and the Flamethrower, and not by a large margin. In addition, the powerful .30-06 rifle cartridge results in both heavy horizontal and vertical recoil, and firing it without the bipod for much longer than a short burst of 3-4 rounds is not recommended beyond 100 meters. Finally the BAR unlocks upgrades at both level 25 and 50 (foregrip and bipod respectively), although they can't be equipped simultaneously, while both giving radical improvements to the weapon's performance under different circumstances.

While the BAR is technically classified as light machine gun by world war 2 standards, it is incredibly poor at tasks an LMG would be normally associated with, namely continous and suppressive fire, as the gun is magazine fed with 20 round magazines, and does not have a quick change barrel.

Pros Edit

  • Provides a massive amount of firepower to whomever wields it.
  • Accurate
  • Variable rate of fire, making the weapon versatile for both close and long range.
  • Reasonable ammo amount given to player at start of match

Cons Edit

  • Weighs 19.5 lbs and will heavily penalize movement speed compared to other small arms.
  • Heavy recoil during full auto fire (especially in high speed setting)
  • Can only hold 20 rounds in box magazines.
  • Upgrades cannot be applied to the same gun, forcing the player choose between better mobile accuracy, or excellent stationary accuracy.
  • Barrel can still overheat like regular machine guns, while not being provided with a spare barrel.