The Core Variable File.

Original Code Edit

Unknown="Unknown Error"
ExportOpen="Error exporting %s: couldn't open file '%s'"
ExportWrite="Error exporting %s: couldn't write file '%s'"
FileNotFound="Can't find file '%s'"
ObjectNotFound="Failed to find object '%s %s.%s'"
PackageNotFound="Can't find file for package '%s'"
PackageResolveFailed="Can't resolve package name"
FilenameToPackage="Can't convert filename '%s' to package name"
Sandbox="Package '%s' is not accessible in this sandbox"
PackageVersion="Package '%s' version mismatch"
FailedLoad="Failed to load '%s': %s"
ConfigNotFound="Can't find '%s' in configuration file"
LoadClassMismatch="%s is not a child class of %s.%s"
NotDll="'%s' is not a DLL package; can't find export '%s'"
NotInDll="Can't find '%s' in '%s.dll'"
FailedLoadPackage="Failed loading package: %s"
FailedLoadObject="Failed to load '%s %s.%s': %s"
TransientImport="Transient object imported: %s"
FailedSavePrivate="Can't save %s: Graph is linked to external private object %s"
FailedImportPrivate="Can't import private object %s %s"
FailedCreate="%s %s not found for creation"
FailedImport="Can't find %s in file '%s'"
FailedSaveFile="Error saving file '%s': %s"
SaveWarning="Error saving '%s'"
NotPackaged="Object is not packaged: %s %s"
NotWithin="Object %s %s created in %s instead of %s"
Abstract="Can't create object %s: class %s is abstract"
NoReplace="Can't replace %s with %s"
NoFindImport="Can't find file '%s' for import"
ReadFileFailed="Failed to read file '%s' for import"
SeekFailed="Error seeking file"
OpenFailed="Error opening file"
WriteFailed="Error writing to file"
ReadEof="Read beyond end of file"
IniReadOnly="The file %s is write protected; settings cannot be saved"
UrlFailed="Failed launching URL"
OutOfMemory="Ran out of virtual memory. To prevent this condition, you must free up more space on your primary hard disk."
Assert="Assertion failed: %s [File:%s] [Line: %i]"
Debug="Debug assertion failed: %s [File:%s] [Line: %i]"
LinkerExists="Linker for '%s' already exists"
BinaryFormat="The file '%s' contains unrecognizable data"
SerialSize="%s: Serial size mismatch: Got %i, Expected %i"
ExportIndex="Bad export index %i/%i"
ImportIndex="Bad import index %i/%i"
Password="Password not recognized"
Exec="Unrecognized command"
BadProperty="'%s': Bad or missing property '%s'"
MisingIni="Missing .ini file: %s"

Engine="Unreal Engine"
Copyright="Copyright 2004 Epic Games, Inc."

Language="English (International)"

Saving="Saving file %s..."
Loading="Loading file %s..."

Preferences="(Caption="Advanced",Parent="Advanced Options")"
Preferences="(Caption="File System",Parent="Advanced",Class=Core.System,Immediate=True)"

OldVersion="The file %s was saved by a previous version which is not backwards compatible with this one.  Reading it will likely fail, and may cause a crash. Do you want to try anyway?"
PassPrompt="Enter your name and password:"
PassDlg="Identity Check"
Overwrite="The file '%s' needs to be updated.  Do you want to overwrite the existing version?"
OverwriteReadOnly="'%s' is marked read-only.  Would you like to try to force overwriting it?"
CheckoutPerforce="'%s' is marked read-only.  Should I try to check it out of Perforce?"