The AVT-40 is a weapon in Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. It is an SVT-40 that has been modified so that it may be fired full-automatic or semi-automatic.

General InformationEdit

This gun requires unlocking, but is available by default with the purchase of the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game. The AVT 40 is available to the Allies' Elite Assault class. Upon achieving veterancy, Axis Elite Assault soldiers can access this weapon as well.

The AVT 40 features a 10 round magazine. While the weapon features high stopping power, it also has probably the highest recoil in the game when fired full-auto; after the first two or three bullets, the gun is almost impossible to control, necessitating firing in bursts to ensure accuracy. The fast rate of fire means that constant reloads are needed.

Pressing 6 switches the AVT 40 to semi-automatic mode, essentially converting the weapon into an SVT 40, greatly improving its performance at range.

Compared to the MKB 42(H), the AVT-40 is much less controllable full-auto and has a much smaller magazine, but deals more damage per bullet, and at lvl 50 it gets a 3.5 scope while the MKB 42(H) gets a 1.5 scope, the AVT-40 is also more accurate than the MKB 42(H).

Pros Edit

  • High stopping power
  • Alt fire gives a you a normal SVT 40
  • Accurate in alt fire
  • Fast reload
  • Lvl 50 3.5x PU scope, this real scope allows you to snipe in alt fire mode

Cons Edit

  • Extremely high recoil, limiting full-auto fire to virtually only trenchlike conditions.
  • Very low ammo compared to other automatic weapons


Level 25: Bayonet

Level 50: 3.5x PU Scope. This is the same scope the SVT-40 Scoped uses, making the AVT-40 essentially a SVT-40 Scoped with a fully automatic option.